"Jeremy Russotti has been training me since I was 13 years of age. I went from a player that first picked up a ball in high school to an NCAA All-American (Honorable Mention) and now to my journey to the NBA.  His training program is no doubt why I continue to be successful at each level and improve my stock. My initial agents have sent me all over the nation training with other training Guru's or programs, however, I was always left unimpressed since I have been training with Jeremy for so long and there is no one that can compare to his abilities to get results."
Josh Akognon - Professional Basketball Player
  "Jeremy Russotti is an incredible trainer. His intensity level and knowledge of the game separates him from others in this industry. Anyone that works with him is in for a treat.  His ability to make players at all levels better is a gift."
Sean Miller - Head Coach University of Arizona
  "Jeremy's Green Room Training is one of the highest quality development programs in the world! Whether you are an NBA player or an aspiring varsity high school player, you can not leave a workout run by Jeremy and not have gotten better. His techniques, drills, and knowledge of the game of basketball is second to none. He incorporates all the most relevant and important aspects of being a true 'basketball' player into his training and develops each players individual skills through his rigorous program that is not only challenging but practical. And to top it off, he is always evolving and constantly looking at new ways to make you the best player you can be. For us at Pro One Sports, you can't ask for anything more than that from a trainer. Jeremy is truly in a class of his own."
Jordan Brewer, Player Representative Pro One Sports Management
  "Jeremy is so much different than other trainers I have worked with.   His unorthodox style and drills constantly puts you in uncomfortable positions that makes you better.  I have saw a huge change in my game after only a month of training.  I will be back next summer for sure."
Adnan Hodzic- Professional B-Ball Player - Bosnian National Team
  "Jeremy is one of the top skill trainers in the country. Players gravitate towards his style which is a testament on how unique his style can be for the highest level of players."
Josh Pastner - Memphis University Head Coach
  “Jeremy is one of the nation’s top basketball skills instructor and shooting expert. He has a tremendous passion for the game, years of quality experience, and is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend his products and services to any coach or player looking to take their game to the next level.”
Alan Stein-- Nike Official Basketball Body Conditioning Trainer
  "Jeremy Russotti is one of the best basketball development people in the world today. His innovative and functional approach to player development will help players reach their full potential. His workouts are outstanding for any age of player."
Don Showalter - USA Basketball National Team Development Coach
  "Jeremy Russotti has an outstanding record of training basketball athletes to compete at the highest level of college and professional basketball. We recommend all of our players to work with him.  He is hands down one of the top 3 skill development coaches I have seen in my long career.  To me the top 3 are all interchangeable."
Louis Reynaud - Associate Head Coach - RICE University
  "Jeremy is an amazingly talented trainer.  He added a new element to our try-outs and showed why he is one of hte top in the world at what he does."
Eric Mussleman - Former Sacramento Kings Head Coach - LA Defenders Head Coach
  "Jeremy Russotti is one of the best basketball development people in the world today.  His innovative and functional approach to player development will help players reach their full potential.  His workouts are outstaning for any age of player."
Bobby Jackson (Sacramento Kings - Former NBA All-Star)
"I highly recommend Jeremy Russotti and his Green Room Training Program. His innovation, attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism is at the top of the business. He has proven over and over again that his teachers are some of the top in the world."

Randy Bennett (Head Coach St. Mary's College)