Noted as one of the top basketball developmental minds in the world today.  Jeremy has proven that he can make the most elite players more efficient with his overload training.  Jeremy is not only a master at achieving quick results with his progressive skill training curriculum, but also an inventor / businessman for some of the top basketball produts and resources out on the market today. 

Jeremy is currently the CEO of Global Sports Innovation (GSI), inventing products such as the J-Glove Shooting Aid, V-Bands, O-Bands, and numerous products for other sports.  Furthermore, Jeremy is owner of 1% CLUB Basketball Services, creator of the Millennium Instructional Series DVDs, as well as Co-founder with NIKE Body Conditioning Trainer Alan Stein for
Cary brings over seventeen years of commited merit to the field of athletic performance training.  It has been his quest to develop a workout system that delivers safe as well as fast results to basketball players.  Cary works hand in hand with Coach Russotti, making sure that the athletes best interests come first, while getting them top performance results in the process. 

Cary has been certified through the National Academy of Sports (NASM) since 1987.  He is also certified through Speed, Agility and Conditioning (S.A.C), as well as Biolever certified, which allows him to personalize training programs for his clients structuaral capacities.